Which shooting support bag to choose? On the site you will find the section dedicated to front mounts, the section dedicated to rear mounts, and the section dedicated to body mounts. Specifically, the front mounts are mainly indicated for use in PRS and/or hunting competitions. The rear mounts cover a wide variety of different needs: hunting, country shooting, counter shooting and PRS. Body mounts are designed exclusively to fill the shooter's gaps in the PRS arena.

What type of filler are the shooting support bags made with? Front and rear supports use a plastic granular fill or sand mix. The body mounts use an ultralight granular fill.

Is it possible to adjust or replace the fill of a shooting stand? It is not possible, as shooting mounts are designed and manufactured with the best combination of fill weight and volume ratio in mind so that they perform well.

Is it possible to request a model of shooting support bag not present among those for sale on the site? To receive a feasibility answer just send an email to info@balistaesolution.com.

Which is the difference between the Cordura fabric and the Waxed Canvas fabric? A Cordura shooting backing offers greater abrasion resistance while a Waxed Canvas shooting backing offers greater flexibility and ability to adapt to the obstacle.

Is it possible to customize a product? Yes, it is possible to request a customization with writing or logo that is made with embroidery in high quality and resistant polyester yarn.


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