Balistae Solution was born from the vision and direct experience of the Founder:always passionate about precision shooting , Alberto wanted to convey all the know-how acquired over years of service in the Army Special Forces in the design and production of supports and accessories. .

Determination and competence, together with a great passion and predisposition for long-distance shooting and, in particular, for dynamic precision shooting competitions, are the precious and fruitful inheritance collected in the sports and military fields to offer to all those who will turn to Balistae Solution shooting supports and accessories dedicated to enthusiasts and professionals.

The first-person experimentation of shooting supports was the main lever to develop a range of products made entirely of Cordura® , characterized by peculiar characteristics such as to guarantee a shooting action characterized by extreme consistency .

Competitions, training courses, workshops and experiences abroad therefore constitute the solid background on which the Balistae Solution mindset rests. In addition to this, continuous research and development are the keys in which Alberto believes to create and offer quality supports and accessories.